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How to troubleshoot pre-lit Christmas trees

There are just a few things more frustrating than pre-lit Christmas trees that aren’t working! The steps below will assist you in troubleshooting and fixing issues common with pre-lit Christmas trees.

Often, you can solve common problems with pre-lit Christmas trees without spending so much time. Problems in trees typically occur when light strings go dark, or when the tree is first assembled.

To troubleshoot, tests can be performed on the light strings to determine if a bulb is defective, or the light strings can simply be replaced with working sets.

The following are the most common issues and their solutions concerning light strings on pre-lit trees.

Troubleshooting pre-lit trees: four basic steps

Step 1

Stacking multiple plugs together on the tree can make it more likely for a section to stay off or even flicker if one of the plugs has come loose. So, ensure that all plugs are securely attached.

In trees with power poles or one plug design, you should check each section between the poles where they connect to make sure there’s nothing blocking the connection and the plugs are properly seated.

Step 2

Make sure the plug fuses are in good shape. Open the plug and check for or replace burnt fuses. And if the problem persists, try connecting the strand to an extension cord.

Step 3

If all the fuses look okay or replacing them does not seem to solve the problem, then the fault might exist with a bulb or even the wiring itself. Replace any faulty bulbs with another.

And to fix the wire issue, remove the wires and replace them with a new string of lights.

To keep your trees for as long as possible, all the light wires may need to be removed (trimming them with wire cutters makes the job go more quickly). Then you can restring the tree with lights, allowing you to enjoy it for even longer!

Step 4

Using a bulb tester can prove helpful if no bulbs are damaged. You can find them online or in any of the big-box hardware stores around.