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Best online stores to buy flocked trees

The flocking process involves attaching fibers to a surface to create texture. Besides paper pulp and corn starch, the ingredients usually include boron as some kind of flame retardant. And with these, you can add some white, snow effect to your tree.

It’s been a longtime dream to have a White Christmas. And since the 1800s, people have wished to have a white, full and snowy Christmas.

No doubts, flocking the tree cultivates a nostalgic and wishful feel. It all started back then and was accelerated by the movie “White Christmas” in the 1950s.

Flocking a Christmas tree can be quite complex and time-consuming (and certainly be messy), so many people prefer “premade” trees that have already been decorated. In addition to being simple and convenient, they can be re-used and maintained for a long time.

Regardless, we have listed some of the best places to buy cheap flocked artificial Christmas trees below. Enjoy!


Shopping on Amazon is quite easy and affordable. And yeah, they have a great selection of flocked trees and other accessories.

Free shipping alone gives you an idea of the great deal you’re getting. The prices are also very competitive.

Plus, as the weather gets colder, it sure beats going to the store to buy a tree. Having to put all this stuff in the car is a huge hassle. You’d prefer the services of a delivery guy. also has items for your home that are worth buying. If you’re unable to find items you want on Amazon, try Wayfair. You can hardly ever go wrong with both platforms. But when buying, keep in mind that when the same item is offered in both places, Amazon is almost always priced lower.

It’s up to you to choose which you want to go for.

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